Zotero Makes the New York Times

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Today Olivia Judson features Zotero in her excellent science blog, The Wild Side. In a generally positive review Judson points to Zotero’s ease of use and ability to grab metadata from a variety of sources. Fortunately for Zoterons, the features that Judson finds lacking in Zotero are already present in either the current 1.0.7 release (integration with research databases like JSTOR, PubMed, Web of Science) or in the 1.5 Sync Preview (automatic association of PDF metadata).

In the notes accompanying her post, Judson draws attention to the growing problem of siloed data, with academic research increasingly housed in subscription databases. In attempting to address this important problem, I would note that we are far ahead of any competing software, offering over 260 site “translators,” compared to Papers’ 14, allowing users of Zotero to draw on an unparalleled array of open and gated resources as they undertake their own research.

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