More Hiring!

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Over the past few months my new team has been modeling digital research methods into modular “workflows” that can be mixed and recombined in an open-source software workbench we have been prototyping at C²DH. We have made good progress with our small team of five and are now ready moving to the next stage of the project, where we will hire additional humanities researchers and software developers to continue prototyping and begin implementation. Today we’re announcing searches for two new developers to join us this fall.

The new developer positions are roughly divided between front-end and back-end responsibilities. For the front-end developer, we’re looking for someone with extensive experience in JavaScript for software development (ideally including React). Because we’re designing software for novice users, we are particularly interested in candidates with a background in UI/UX. The back-end developer should also have experience in JavaScript, and also familiarity with Python for software development, since much of our core analytical code is in Python. On the back-end side, we’re especially looking for someone with experience and an interest in containerization and virtual environments, which will be essential for enabling replicability and traceability of researchers’ methods. As part of a small team, both developers will have responsibility over core components of the project and the freedom to experiment and find creative solutions to tough problems.

Position details and application information for both jobs are available on the University of Luxembourg’s recruitment page.

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