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In a few weeks I’ll begin a project – the Digital History Advanced Research Projects Accelerator – as part of my new position at the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH). The Accelerator aims to create and promote software that capitalizes on digitalized historical research practices. More important than this software – and the key to its success – is the team I am currently recruiting to participate in its development and design. With the generous support of the Luxembourg National Research Fund and the University of Luxembourg, we’re running searches for a dozen new positions over the next year, including three postdoctoral researchers, three software developers, four fully-funded PhD positions, and administrative staff, and we also have funding to hire external consultants as needed. As with other projects I’ve been fortunate enough to lead, the Accelerator will depend on deep collaboration between software developers and academics, students and faculty. And inside the C²DH, the Accelerator team will be able to draw on and contribute to this much larger (and still growing!) laboratory for creative historical research and teaching. We’re going to build some crazy and fun things together.

Two key positions already open are:

I hope that you’ll share these notices widely, or consider joining the team. Because the timing of the postdoc search is awkward, given the time of year and the expected start date, I encourage you to get in touch with me even if your profile or availability doesn’t match one of the currently advertised positions.

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