Thomson Reuters Lawsuit Dismissed

I’m delighted to announce that this morning the Fairfax Circuit Court dismissed the lawsuit filed against Zotero by Thomson Reuters. The lawsuit had claimed that the Center for History and New Media “reverse-engineered” Thomson Reuters’s EndNote software to provide data interoperability between Zotero and EndNote.

As co-director of the Zotero project along with Dan Cohen, I look forward to witnessing the Zotero team now devote its full attention to crafting the pathbreaking new features that are immediately on the development horizon: customized research recommendations, innovative annotation tools, and pioneering collaborative functionality.

It’s worth noting that even while the lawsuit was underway over the last nine months, Zotero geniuses completed the implementation of such radical new functionality as cloud-based synchronization, shared group libraries, PDF metadata detection, automatic proxy support, live CVs, and much more. And our amazing community performed this heavy lifting all while supporting a user base that has grown into the millions. I can only imagine what the Zotero project will be able to achieve unimpeded!

42 thoughts on “Thomson Reuters Lawsuit Dismissed

  1. Bruce

    So where’s the “details” (about the dismissal itself)?

    [We expect to have a transcript from the court reporter early next week and will have further information then. Apologies for the delay. –Sean]

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  5. sky

    Excellent! I’ve been telling students and other postgraduates about Zotero, so I’m glad to hear that this cloud hanging over it has faded. Zotero’s been such a great help in writing my PhD, thank you.

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  10. narles

    As a recent graduate from George Mason University, I am extremely glad to hear that this ridiculous lawsuit has been dismissed. It would have saddened me very much to hear about my school being forced to pay thousands (maybe millions) of dollars to some money-grubbing corporation just because they were afraid of advancement in the field that they compete in for business. As an aside, great work, Zotero team! Keep it up!

  11. Maria Droujkova

    Congratulations!!! When I first installed Zotero, I was so delighted by the features, details of implementation, the ease and the natural feel of everything — I literally cried out “Oh this is great!” every few minutes, so family would come to investigate. I have a lot of respect for Zotero team. Cheers!

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  25. nicolas

    I ditched their reuters terminal in favor of Bloomberg only because of this (15kEUR a year) .

    Also, I will encourage my coworkers to do the same.

    This kind of predatory behaviour is not acceptable.

    Keep up the good work, what you do is very useful.

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