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Oegadgib Korean Restaurant

Hands down my current favorite Korean barbecue destination, Oegadgib features first-rate all-you-can-eat action. You’ll get pork belly, shortribs, and ribeye along with a relatively small selection of quality banchan (think 10 options rather than 30). Their only sign is in Hangul, so you’ll want to keep your eyes out for Jerry’s Subs and the Austin Animal Clinic, which flank the restaurant. Now if only it were open 24/7 like the joints in New York.

Blue Ocean

My Korean-savvy informant tells me this place is Korean-managed, but they definitely play up the Japanese angle more than most other Japanese restaurants in the area. In addition to the usual suspects, for example, the sushi bar offers “Japanese” mackerel, “Japanese” snapper, etc. They run some mildly exotic specials: spotted sardines were excellent, but wasabi-marinated octopus tasted like bait (and not of the fresh variety).

Their kitchen also does good work: deep fried miniature octopuses are nice, as is the unagi don.

Super H Mart

There’s an entire aisle of dried seaweed!

This Korean supermarket has excellent (and cheap) produce, live blue crabs, and a freezer section whose vastness is exceeded only by its mystery. They also sell the Chinese black vinegar that keeps Sarah happy. There’s a regular H Mart in Merrifield, but I prefer the “Super H” in Fairfax.